COOKING CLASSES (4 hours, min. 04 max. 10 persons)


All classes are intended hands-on and available in fluent Italian, English or German language
Morning Classes - Start is around 10 am, lunch time between 12 and 1 pm.
Evening Classes - Start is around 5 pm, dinner time between 8-9 pm.
The classes include all ingredients, IGT or DOC wine, an apron, the recipes and a diploma.
(*= for vegetarians)



1) THE CLASSIC COOKING CLASS (perfect for beginners)


Together we prepare a complete traditional Italian/Tuscan Menu from scratch including a starter, first course, the main dish, side dish and a dessert. Please tell your likes/dislikes to plan your favorite menu properly and send you further menu proposals. Example:
1) Involtini di melanzane con ricotta e capperi* (grilled eggplant rolls with Ricotta, tomato and capers),
2) Risotto allo zafferano* (rice with onions, wine, cream, Parmesan and safran),
3) Saltimbocca toscana (sliced beef with prosciutto, fresh sage and flambee with Vinsanto),
4) Peperonata* (bell pepper stew with red onions, tomato and garlic),
5) Panna cotta con salsa di cioccolato* (fresh Tuscan vanilla cream custard with chocolate sauce)



2) PASTA CLASS (perfect for beginners and great also for children)


"Pasta my love" Fresh homemade pasta, pure satisfaction making it and … enjoying it. Together we will prepare three types of pasta from scratch:
1) Tagliatelle al ragù (long pasta with meat sauce),
2) Ravioli con burro e salvia* (stuffed pasta with butter and fresh sage),
3) Taglierini al Gorgonzola* (long pasta with Gorgonzola sauce).
The menu will be completed by a salad and dessert


3) PASTA SAUCES (perfect for beginners)


Pasta is a top hit all around the globe. But there are these delicious sauces which make the big difference. Here the pasta itself is not homemade. Together we cook 4 classic pasta sauces from scratch:
1) Penne strascicate (creamy meat sauce),
2) Linguine al Pesto* (basil, pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan)
3) Spaghetti Carbonara (bacon, egg, Parmesan),
4) Spaghettini alla Carretiera* (garlic, chilly, tomato, parsley).
The menu will be completed by a salad and dessert



4) GNOCCHI CLASS (perfect for beginners and great also for children)


Many adore them, but some are getting really mad for these little soft dumplings with their tasty sauces.
We will do three types of gnocchi from scratch:
1) Potato Gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce*,
2) Cannederli (bread, onions and Speck) with mushroom sauce and
3) Ignudi* (spinach and Ricotta cheese) with fresh sage and Parmesan.
The menu will be completed by a salad and dessert



5) ANTIPASTI CLASS (perfect for beginners)


Antipasti are always a big hit to open any dinner. But you can also do a nice antipasti buffet by its own, e.g. for wine tastings, meetings, summer parties etc. On the program are 6 different antipasti:
1) Involtini di melanzane* (grilled eggplant rolls with ricotta, tomato, capers and Parmesan),
2) Frittata with season vegetables*,
3) Flan di verdure di stagione* (small cake with season vegetables),
4) Beef Carpaccio with dark vinaigrette, rocket and Parmesan,
5) Taleggio affogato* (marinated cheese with red onion).
6) Bruschetta con funghi* (Canapé with mushroom).
The menu will be completed by a nice dessert



6) SALADS – THE CULINARY HIPSTERS (perfect for beginners)


Salads are not only a somewhat side thing or a sad starter, salad means a whole universe you should explore with your own eyes, nose and palate. All over the year, always ready, always fresh and yummy and so various in aspect and taste … simply wonderful. We will do together:
1) Panzanella*(Tuscan bread salad with fresh vegetables and basil),
2) Insalata di pollo e patate (the classic chicken/potato salad),
3) Insalata di finocchio, aringa e arancia (fennel/hering/orange salad),
4) Insalata di farro* (Tuscan spelt salad),
5) Zucchini Carpaccio with dark vinaigrette, rocket and Parmesan*,
6) Macedonia con gelato* (Fruit salad with icecream)



7) SOUPS – A DELIGHT FOR PEACE AND HAPPINESS (perfect for beginners)

Soups – what a miracle. If you do like real comfort food, this is the right corner for all these pleasant creations which put your mind and body to peace and happiness. Dive into this delightful world apart and after this basic class I am more than sure you will create your own favourites. Together we will prepare:
1) Ribollita* (the world famous Tuscan bread soup),
2) Zuppa Lombarda* (Tuscan bean soup)
3) Passata di ceci* (Tuscan chickpea cream soup with fish)
4) La Carabaccia* (the original Tuscan red onion soup),
5) Zuppa di cioccolato* (Chocolate cream with Amaretti bisquit and toasted almonds).




Tuscany seems to be the right place to open an extra cooking chapter – the use of wine in the kitchen. Together we cook a whole tasty menu with wine and derivates from the start to the end. This class includes a small wine tasting.

1) Taleggio affogato* (yummy soft cheese with Balsamic and herbs)
2) Tagliatelle con ragù del cortile (Pasta with special Tuscan white meat sauce)
3) Peposo all'Impruneta (tasty Tuscan hot pepper stew with red wine and garlic)
4) Patate al rosmarino* (Rosemary potatoes)
5) Tiramisù classic* (NO comment)



For availability, cost, directions and conditions please CONTACT Chef Mattisse for further information


PLEASE NOTE ! Until it is possible Chef Mattisse prepares all your food mostly with bio-dynamic or/and NO OGM ingredients. Usually all ingredients are available, but sometimes there might be a menu change. If so I beg your pardon and thanks for your understanding. Furthermore Chef Mattisse will not be responsible for any harm or injury, neither physical nor mental, resulting from any allergy or any hypersensitive reaction towards certain aliments.

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