COOKING COURSES (8 hours, min. 04 max. 10 persons)


Start is around 10 am, lunch around 1 pm, dinner time between 7-9 pm. The courses include all ingredients, IGT or DOC wine, an apron, the recipes and a diploma.

Most courses are based on the famous dual instruction principal – theory and practice.

If you desire a much deeper immersion into the world of cooking, you can also book a culinary SEMINAR in charge for all those, who want to know it all.




A whole day together at the market and in the kitchen, cooking a light lunch and a nice complete dinner. Please tell your likes or dislikes to set up your favourite menu.





This cooking course is focused above all on presentation. If you want to impress your friends and neighbours, come and learn how to plan, prepare and arrange great dishes of Italian and international cuisine.



3) MEDITERRANEAN COOKING (with nutritionist Dr. Silke Jantra)


The Real Mediterranean "Diet" is appreciated all over the world as one of the most balanced cooking styles. If you desire to learn how to prepare fabulous food in a much more natural and healthy way, this is your choice



4) METABOLIC COOKING 1 (with nutritionist Dr. Silke Jantra)


The Metabolic Syndrome is the disease of our time. Understand and learn more about how simple it can be to handle diabetes 2, high cholesterol and blood pressure. Learn how to lose weight in a healthy way without being hungry, diets or wonder pills and, above all, how to hold this weight with the correct choice of aliments and preparation.




5) METABOLIC COOKING 2 (with nutritionist Dr. Silke Jantra)


Autoimmunity problems, such as Gluten intolerance , Lactose intolerance and various allergies are on their straight way up. Also here most of them depend on nutrition habits. Here you can learn how to find out the correct nutrition for your metabolism and you will feel yourself rejuvenate every single day.



For availability, cost, directions and conditions please CONTACT Chef Mattisse for further information (link x contact)


PLEASE NOTE ! Until it is possible Chef Mattisse prepares all your food mostly with bio-dynamic or/and NO OGM ingredients. Usually all ingredients are available, but sometimes there might be a menu change. If so I beg your pardon and thanks for your understanding. Furthermore Chef Mattisse will not be responsible for any harm or injury, neither physical nor mental, resulting from any allergy or any hypersensitive reaction towards certain aliments.

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